Update: Global Crosswind Conditions: Takeoff, Approach and Landing Procedures

Jul 25, 2016

At Bombardier, we are constantly improving techniques and training to maximize safety and efficiency when operating your Bombardier aircraft. This is why we are pleased to offer a free online presentation outlining Bombardier’s recommended techniques for Global aircraft flight crews to follow when in crosswind situations

The Global Crosswind Conditions: Takeoff, Approach, and Landing Procedures presentation, titled Global Crosswind Conditions: Takeoff, Approach, and Landing Procedures, is accessible from the Bombardier Aircraft Training website at: http://www.batraining.com/elearning/freecourses/crosswind . It discusses takeoff, approach, and landing techniques and considerations. It also reviews the geometry of the Global wing and the decreasing margin between the wing and runway on flare and touchdown. This factor, combined with the interrelationship of bank and pitch angle, is also covered in detail.

The recommended technique can be summarized as “crab to the flare, rudder to straighten, and ailerons to keep wings level”. All other considerations are presented to provide an excellent opportunity for discussion by flight crews. We highly recommend that all flight crews operating the Global family of aircraft familiarize themselves with the presentation material and review their standard operating procedures accordingly.

Note: Information regarding flare-to-crosswind landing and touchdown attitude was revised July 2016. Please revisit the course to ensure your knowledge is up-to-date.

We welcome your feedback on the presentation material and any questions or comments. Please contact Mike Jephcott, Customer Liaison Pilot, Global Series at mike.jephcott@aero.bombardier.com.