New Challenger 300 Sim Ready for Training, and Mobile Learning Takes Off

May 13, 2013

On Monday, January 14, Bombardier Aircraft Training inaugurated its new Challenger 300 simulator by holding the first initial training on the type at the Montréal Training Centre. The new sim—a CAE 5000 Series—represents the latest in full-flight simulator technology and operates using an all-electric motion system for a smooth range of motion and zero risk of contamination from hydraulic spills.

This occasion marks the first Challenger 300 sim in Montréal and kicks off a host of new simulators that will be added to this state-of-the-art training facility time for customers of this popular aircraft model.

For more information on Bombardier’s 2013 course schedule for Challenger 300 Initial or Recurrent training, please access the online course calendar.

Along with new simulators that have been added to Bombardier’s training network is the introduction of mobile learning technologies. By January 21, Apple™ iPads™ will have been introduced on all flight training programs at the Montréal Training Centre. They will be subsequently rolled out at the Dallas Training Centre throughout Q1 and Q2 of this year. The iPads come preloaded with the Bombardier Flight Deck application, which provides convenient access to the aircraft and maintenance manuals that are used in training.

Combined with advanced classroom technologies, Bombardier Aircraft Training is at the forefront of technological innovation for interactive instruction that provides a learning experience like none other.

However, technology and interactive learning are nothing without experienced and engaging instructors to transfer that knowledge. At Bombardier, we pride ourselves in training only on Bombardier products and employing flight instructors with actual flight experience and technical instructors with detailed industry knowledge. In fact, last year our pilot instructors logged over 1,200 hours of flight time; experience and techniques that they then bring to the classroom.

Bombardier operates two company-owned facilities in Montréal and Dallas, along with facilities in partnership with CAE in New Jersey, USA; Burgess Hill, UK; Dubai, UAE; and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Come train with us. For more information on Bombardier’s flight and technical training programs, please visit or call Chris Warton, Bombardier Aircraft Training Sales Director, at +1 469-744-6309.