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CRJ200 Technical Training - Gear Disagree

The CRJ200 Technical Training - Gear Disagree training focuses on landing gear retraction and extension problems on the CRJ that result in a Gear Disagree warning.

Several activities provide a review of system components, general operation and available diagnostic tools.

Using this acquired knowledge we will demonstrate a recommended method for troubleshooting.

Finally we will offer you some fault scenarios allowing you to use what you have learned in order to determine the most probable cause.

Downloadable Zipped Package

To download and install the courseware:

  1. Click here to download and save the zipped courseware.
  2. Install the Gear Disagree by running the enclosed install application
  3. Once the install completes, access the training from your computer's Start Menu
    Start > Programs > Batraining > CRJ200 > Gear Disagree 

*This course does not satisfy any requirement of 14 CFR Part 61