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CRJ Bounced Landing Training

A free eLearning CRJ Bounced Landing training course is now available on the Customer Training web site. This course applies to the operation of the following aircraft:

  • CRJ Series 100, 200 440, SE, Challenger 850 (Type Certificate CL-600-2B19)
  • CRJ Series 700, Challenger 870 (Type Certificate CL-600-2C10)
  • CRJ Series 705 (Type Certificate CL-600-2D15)
  • CRJ Series 900, Challenger 890 (Type Certificate CL-600-2D24)
  • CRJ Series 1000 (Type Certificate CL-600-2E25)

The training is intended to be taken by:

  • all type-rated CRJ pilots for the aircraft listed above
  • all instructors who provide training for the aircraft listed above

​The objectives of this training are:

  • To provide a basic review of CRJ aircraft systems that have been designed, in part, to prevent a bounced landing
  • To describe the dangers associated with improper landing technique that may result in a bounced landing
  • To explain the correct mandatory pilot action that should be taken should a bounced landing develop on CRJ aircraft

​To launch the CRJ Bounced Landing Training course, click here.

*This course does not satisfy any requirement of 14 CFR Part 61