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Winter Operations Awareness: Takeoff Operational Safety Enhancement

This awareness package is available in “Initial” and “Recurrent” versions and is based upon the material contained in the Winter Operations Awareness “roadshows” given by Bombardier personnel during and since the 2008-2009 winter season. This material, which is available in a number of formats, is intended to be incorporated, in whole or in part, into operators’ own winter operations training or awareness programs for flight crew and other personnel, and may be used and distributed for such purposes (only) by the recipient within their own organization.

Click these links to view the presentation.

Initial Version
Recurrent Version

Click these links to download the zipped Powerpoint format of the material.

Initial Version
Recurrent Version

Supplementary material is also available to provide a more in-depth briefing on the topic if required. Click here to view this material, or to view the material above in other formats. (coming soon)

*This course does not satisfy any requirement of 14 CFR Part 61