Global 5000 Venue Interiors Technical Familiarization

The Global 5000 Venue™ Interiors Technical Familiarization eLearning course provides information on the features, operation, and technical aspects of interiors systems focusing on the Rockwell Collins Venue™ cabin management system (CMS).
This course is for maintenance personnel.


The course consists of 14 lessons:
• Introduction
• CMS Overview
• Galley Touchscreen Operation
• CMS Backbone
• CMS Components
• CMS Maintenance and Diagnostics
• Cabin Remote Application Operation
• Cabin Electrical Power
• Circuit Breaker Control and Operation
• Cabin AC Outlets
• Cabin Communication Systems
• Cabin Audio Systems
• Cabin Lighting Systems
• Water and Waste Systems


• State the functions of the Venue cabin management system (CMS)
• Describe the components and their functions
• Describe signal flows through the CMS
• Execute key operations on the galley touchscreen (GTS), including wireless connectivity, media, and lighting control
• Select user roles using the Cabin Remote Application
• Utilize the maintenance and diagnostics tools
• Describe the power distribution system and its components
• Describe other interiors systems which interface with the Rockwell Collins Venue™ CMS
Duration: 4-5 hours

1 year
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Global 5000 Venue Interiors Technical Familiarization
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